US Women Cause Bedroom Conflicts Overseas During Pandemic!


American Woman Online

In the middle of the Corona epidemic, the feminine beauty of US women and girls has gained even more attention than normally, both in Europe and Asia.

This time among foreign women.


-“My boyfriend just wants to watch beautiful American women online and he couldn`t  care less about intimacy with me.” 

“I am chocked!”


In many Asian and European countries, people have been advised to stay home to avoid Corona infection. Thus, many Asian and European couples are spending much more time together than normally. One could think this would contribute to their happiness, but it has turned to have the opposite effect.

An online survey on psychosocial impacts of the Corona restrictions was conducted in some of the worst affected countries, including France, Spain, Italy and South Korea among others, and the couple relationships did not at all “bloom” in quarantine conditions.


Common Trend Overseas

More than 92 % of women in the survey reported that they had an impression that their husband/boyfriend preferred erotic sites online instead of real-life intimacy.

Obviously, this previously more hidden problem has become more visible, when the couples have been forced to stay home together due to the mobility restrictions during the Corona epidemic in their countries.

When our reporter in Italy asked a few random women about their personal interpretations on the survey findings, they were not surprised, as their had very similar personal experiences, they openly admitted:

“This has opened my eyes to understand that my boyfriend just wants to watch beautiful American women online and he couldn`t care less about intimacy with me. I am chocked!”, told Angelina, 24, we came across in Milano, Italy.

Her friend Sofia, 32, says she has observed the same:

“I found my husband masturbating, while he was watching busty American women on his laptop. He has been constantly telling me he is too tired and stressed for sex with me. I feel myself hurt and humiliated as a woman, because of this.”

Angelina and Sofia are not alone with their observations. Similar statements referring to the study and interviews of local women have been seen in several media and online blogs during the ongoing the Corona crisis.


In adult business physical attractiveness and well-developed feminine sex characteristics are key to success, so Caucasian US women have competed foreign women out of the business. Today, premium adult pay sites for both men and women build their business on Caucasian US women as female models.


US Women Dominate Visual Adult Business

To understand the key role of American women in the context, one needs to know that as a result of globalization web-based adult entertainment business all over the world is nowadays dominated by Caucasian US women as female models.

“As media became increasingly global, so did the competition between adult models.

When compared internationally, Caucasian US women have generally a very large breast size, pronounced feminine body shape, high sexual activity level, as well as advanced sexual and social skills.

Thanks to these internationally unmatched female qualities American women got fast a total supremacy in the global adult industry”, describes a long-term CEO of a leading adult entertainment company the evolution of the global adult market.

The statistics confirm his observations. In 2019 over 97,5 % of the total volume of the visual adult material published in the world was produced with US women as female models/actresses.



In terms of value, more than 99,8% of the global revenues of the porn industry were collected by US based companies.

In recent years, only the adult companies that have built their business on North American female models have been successful.

The feminine appearance of Caucasian US women have turned out to be an unrivalled cash flow generator in visual adult business in all open markets at all five continents.




US Girl Online 3
Tessa Fowler from South Carolina, and countless other US women attract male attention in visual online business and drive in cash flows from pay site subscribers all over the world. Companies with Caucasian US women as female models have taken over the visual adult business globally. In visual adult business female sex characteristics are essential competitive factors. Caucasian US women have generally an exceptionally large breast size, pronounced feminine body shape, high sexual activity level, as well as advanced sexual and social skills.


Foreign companies have lost the global adult market to the steadily growing US based adult companies, and the dominance of the US companies is constantly strengthened all over the world.

Today, the subscribers of adult pay sites in Europe, Russia, Australia, Middle East, as well as in China, India, Japan and all other Asian countries are subscribing to adult pay sites with Caucasian US women as female models.



Feminine US Models Attract Subscribers Globally and have Dried Out Cash Flow of Foreign Companies

Leaders of the major companies in the online entertainment business seem to have a pretty consistent view of the market situation in global visual adult business.

“A decade ago, also some adult media with local women as models had still some quite viable business.” 

“They tried to survive by going very low in pricing, but despite of this, they have lost virtually all their paying subscribers to far more expensive sites with Caucasian US women as models”,  says the CEO of another major adult company that runs a substantial number of premium adult sites with foreign subscribers all over the world.

“Caucasian US women literally took over the main stream visual adult business all over the world”, he tells, and continues:

“US women with their attractive feminine appearance took easily over the subscribers and dried out the cash flows of adult companies with local, non-American model base.” 


Affects Self-esteem of Girls and Women Overseas

Quite understandably, Asian and European girls and women are not too happy about the new insights they have got about the sexual preferences of their boyfriends and husbands during the Corona crisis. The observations have been pretty agonizing to them, and their self-esteem have been demolished by the fact that they have lost the fight of the sexual interest of their male partners.

“Wives and girlfriends in Asia and Europe feel themselves helpless, crushed and defeated by American women”, says a psychologist who have been analyzing the study results.

“Their replies show that most of them feel themselves inferior to US women”, he continues. He explains that most non-US women have already earlier been mentally sensitized to feel themselves interior to US women, as they have seen how successful North American women are in international beauty contests. In many countries, also a lot of US produced TV series are popular, and local women can`t have avoided to pay attention to the beautiful appearance and the pronounced feminine body shape of North American girls and women.

Companies with Caucasian US women as female models are dominating the visual adult business globally. As a result of stay home recommendations given due to the Corona virus, many foreign women have become painfully aware of the key role US women have in their male partners sex life. Feminine curves of American women on the TV. PC and phone screens have ruined the self-esteem of many Asian and European women during the past weeks of Corona isolation.


Due to this “pre-sensitization” self-esteem related trauma is easily triggered in many foreign women, even if they just meet US women in any situation where they interpret that their appearance could become compared to the pronounced feminine appearance of US women.

Thus, these typical situations reported during the Corona crisis, where local women must face the fact that their own male partner prefers  US women in a sexual context, is extremely traumatic, and it lowers in most cases the self-esteem of the exposed local women permanently into a lower level.

The negative impact on the couple relationship is inevitable.


The situation leads often to  a viscous circle that is very hard to stop. When a woman sees her male partner to prefer American women in sexual context, although online, her bodily self-confidence collapses, and she also her sexual ability and attractiveness become strongly reduced. Consequently, the couple relationship becomes transformed more into a “shared housing” only, where the woman becomes sexually marginalized, and she focuses her energy on running the household, while her male partner spends time and money to get his sexual needs fully satisfied by photos and videos of US women at adult sites online.

“Feminine body shape, large breast size, and beautiful feminine appearance of US women are very frequently mentioned in the answers. Clearly, the well-developed feminine physical appearance and the beauty of US women, make many local women to think they have permanently lost the sexual interest of their male partner – with no realistic chance to win it back”, he concludes.

US Girl Online 4
When Erica Campbell from New Hampshire and other US girls show their All-American beauty and feminine bodies at adult online pay sites, men and boys – and actually even surprisingly many women – all over the world turn into paying adult site subscribers. The downside is that body esteem of many foreign girls and women exposed to the visual material of American women becomes permanently damaged. The damage is caused partly by the direct comparative visual exposure, and partly by the recognition of the fact that their male partner prefers to invest both his time, cash and sexual interest in the US women online instead of his local girlfriend or wife. The damage on the self-esteem of foreign girls and women seems to be permanent and only partly reversible.



As US Women We Can See It All Positively

As American women, we may feel a bit sorry about those foreign women and girls who have lost the intimate interest of their partners who can`t resist our feminine appearance and curves.

US Girl. Selfie
There are billions of men admiring Caucasian US women all over the world, and billions of foreign women are jealous of our attractive feminine appearance. As US women and girls we can really share our selfies online with confidence.

It is not our “fault”, that we are considered as most attractive females in the world. That is just how things are, and there are some natural consequences of it.

We attract men.

We have our full right to be proud of our American feminine appearance and attractiveness.

As American girls and women we certainly don`t need to be shy about our appearance. There are billions of men admiring us – and billions of foreign women jealous of our attractive feminine appearance!
Maybe we even feel for posting a some more nice selfies to remind the globe about where the hottest women live…

It is actually quite awesome for us US women to know that men all over the world are dreaming of us even in the middle of the darkest Corona epidemic!

Let´s see the study results positively. We really don´t need to be shy online, while are staying home during the Corona pandemic.

There are billions of men admiring us – and billions of foreign women jealous of our attractive feminine appearance!

Maybe we even feel for posting a some more nice selfies to remind the globe about where the hottest women live… ; )



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