How US Girls Revolutionized Global Marketing

Have you ever wondered, when North American women took over the world of marketing?

Today, US women dominate commercial media and entertainment business all over the world. The American Era of Marketing started as soon as marketing became international.

One needs to go back to the car marketing of the 1960s and 1970s to understand how it all began.

Car industry has always recognized the value of female beauty in marketing. A recently published historical review and its pictorial reveal how radically the sexy appeal of US girls changed first the global car market in the 60s and 70s, and then the global power balance of marketing also in all other areas of industry, trade and entertainment.


Car Industry Was First Out

Car industry has always recognized the value of female beauty in marketing. Sexy girls play a central role in  sports and luxury car advertisement, TV commercials and promotional activities.

A sexy woman catches the attention of potential male customers, but also female customers want to identify themselves with fashionable and beautiful commercial girls.

For decades also so-called grid girls have been an integral part of car racing and motor shows.

Female Beauty Turned Into Cash Flow

The concept of grid girls was first established based on positive practical experiences, when the event organizers understood that grid girls increased the demand for both tickets and merchandise. This was soon confirmed also by research.  According to a number of studies the presence of beautiful women increases remarkably the number of  visitors of car races as well as the effectiveness of any live event or printed media advertising.

caradus1969 gridgirlus1960s006Female body and large breast size have always been appreciated in the USA. Even in the late 60`s US grid girls had perfectly sexy bodies and well-developed large breasts. They were admired by men and women all over the world.


US Cars Had More Advanced Technology

Also in the 60s and 70s American cars were much more powerful, larger and better equipped than foreign cars. Automatic gear, powerful V8 engines, automatic headlight dimmer, power windows and many other features of US cars could not be matched by foreign brands. The technological advantages of American cars created a solid basis for the success of US car makers.

However, the real success story of American car industry had an other crucial advantage, that turned out to be even a more important than the technological innovations. American women. The female looks of American women was the key driver of the international success of US car makers. As both American cars and women looked better and had more cubic inches under their hood than their foreign rivals, the outcome of the global competition was given. The torque, power and style of as well American cars as promotional women were unmatched.

buick-vs-escortThe base model of the American Buick Gran Sport 455  of 1970 had 7.4 liter V8 engine with 260 kW (left). European “sporty” Escort of the same model year had 1.3 liter engine with 56 kW (right). The torque, power and style of as well American cars as promotional women were unmatched.


North American Women Took Over Global Marketing

In all times, the women participating in promotional activities and seen in commercial media have been representing “the Ideal of a Sexy Woman” of the customer group targeted. The only exception from this rule was seen in the 60’s and 70’s, when some European fashion companies tried to create for women clothes similar to men’s apparel. Their goal was to have collections that would fit also women with a small chest. Due to this odd fashion trend several foreign car manufactures went for less female, small chested women in their advertisements. The result was a commercial disaster for the foreign car makers.

In contrast, North American car makers accepted only US Girls for their promotions, so their photo models and female promotors were busty women with beautiful female body curves also in the 60s and 70s. Not surprisingly,  US car makers gained very rapidly increased market shares in Europe and all over the world, starting in the late 60s.

The development accelerated further in 1970´s as many foreign manufacturers continued to show skinny models, while the consumers wanted to buy products associated with women with female body shape and well-developed breasts.

The US companies literally took over the global market, while foreign auto makers had absolutely no way to enter the US market in the 60´s or early 70´s.

Once and for all, it became apparent that covering clothing was not able to compete with real feminine curves.

Clothing that emphasizes breasts returned also to European fashion and commercials in the 1980’s. The adds and brochures with flat-chested skinny models were buried in the darkest corners of the shame chambers of marketing.

Nowadays, most global companies in all industries, accept only US girls for advertisement and promotion, as they want to get their products associated with the world’s sexiest and most beautiful women. Officially, most companies keep quiet of their preference for North American women, but their operational practices reveal that they do not want to risk their business by using other than US women in their visual marketing.

american-vs-european-promotional-womenAn European car ad from 1969 (middle) shows clearly that the use of a small chested women in car advertising was a complete failure.  US girls with their large breasts (left and right) made skinny foreign models look  pretty pathetic. American women with their well-developed breasts and sexy body shape simply took over the entire market from skinny foreign models. Customers wanted sexy American women and products promoted by them.
grid-girls-usa-1960sAlready in the 1960´s the North American car makers took over the international markets with the help of large-breasted US girls and advanced automotive technology. 


Digital Marketing Cements The Triumphal of American Women

By now, US women have dominated the world of global marketing in five decades. The American Era of marketing is here to stay. Digital marketing cements further the dominant position of US women in all channels of marketing.
Today, visual social media is in the core of the marketing activities. At the same time, modesty belongs to the past. Modern commercial channels are very visual and partial nudity and revealing clothing have become acceptable for the common public. All these trends are in favor of North American women.
The beauty and female body shape of US women are great advantages in social media. Many marketing experts believe that digital marketing cements the position of US women as the invincible queens of global marketing – for all future. That may very well be a true, as all the time increasing visuality in marketing is here to stay, and US women are unmatched what comes to female beauty and sexiness.
Promotional Girls 1960s Busty US Women .jpgIn the 1960´s, the US car makers and the racing business relied on North American women (left and middle), while most foreign companies used skinny girls in their promotion (right). Not surprisingly the US Companies got a dominant position in the market. In contrast, foreign companies lost their market positions and sales very rapidly. A number of foreign brands actually died as a consequence of this fatal mistake in marketing.  


  gridgirlus1970sBy the 1970´s the American car advertising with sexy US women  (above)  had  forced the  European car manufacturers to their knees. Large-chested  American women with their female body shape had completely taken over the market. European car advertising with flat boyish girls  did not work   at all (bottom).   North American women proved once again their superiority also in commercial contexts. Within soon, they took over the control of advertising and entertainment businesses all over the world. Carads foreign1970s.jpg
  Gridgirls USA 1970s 2.jpgThe boyish woman of a typical European car advertisement from 1974 (bottom) looked underdeveloped in comparison to the US grid girl from the same time (above). The commercial value of US women turned out to be unbeatable.




gridgirlus1970s-3Also in the 1970´s car racing   and   motor   show   visitors   admired the feminine appearance of American women (above, bottom left and middle). The same time advertisement of an European auto maker did associate the product with a very small-chested girl (bottom right). The marketing  mistakes in the 60s and 70s struck  heavily on foreign car manufacturers, while US companies ruled and grew the car market.
Gridgirlus1970s vs European Add.jpg
 gridgirls-usa-1970s-4In the 1970’s many foreign women were embarrassed, when  they visited US races. North American grid girls had not only pronouncedly feminine bodies, but also superior social skills. Understandably, both customers and  media  gave their attention to the US girls. 
gridgirlus1970s009A foreign woman was obviously embarrassed in a sudden social situation with US women in the 1970’s  car show.      


 US vs Asian Car Ad 70s.jpgThe photo of an American grid girl of 1972 shows how female US girls were also during the foreign flat fashion period (left).  Since then, US women have dominated the world of global marketing.  

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