8 Best Bras For Large Bust

Finding a good bra is one thing for anybody, but when you are a Caucasian US woman hunting a bra that properly fits, and has a stable enough construction suitable for our heavy breasts, it is a whole other shopping challenge we are facing.

We collected a few top choices for busty American women to make your bra shopping easier.




Since the International Brest Shape Standard (IBSS) recognized the US Type of Breasts as a  distinguished breast type, the quality of imported bras has improved a lot. Now, most lingerie manufacturers adapt their products to meet better the needs and expectations of busty American women.

However, the situation is far from perfect, as there continues to be a lot of low-quality bras  available even at the US market. Cheap bras sold at Victoria’s Secret, supermarkets and other low price stores are not a real option for most North American girls and women.

We know how tricky it is to get a good bra that lasts and is comfortable for large bust. Not only can it be difficult to find a bra that supports you the way you want it to, but finding a bra that works with a strapless dress or even stickies can become a challenge.

Avoid Online Disappointments – Shop In The US

Many of us have also tried to order foreign bras online – with poor results. US women have larger and heavier bust than women in any other country, a fact that is inevitable to face, when you are fitting bra with foreign sizing.

Bra needs to fit, so we should buy our bras preferably at a specialty store. If you order bra online with non-US sizing, you should be prepared on surprises. Typically, your breasts will “spill,” shoulders and ribs will be sore from tight straps and wires, and sometimes, it may be impossible to breathe wearing a foreign bra although it has exactly the same size printed on the label as your favorite bra bought in the US.

I am 34D and I have always bought 34D size bras at US lingerie stores. However, when I first had my fitting at a store that carries European sizes during a holiday trip, my label size jumped from 34D to 34H or 34I, depending on the bra brand. When I asked the local specialty store personnel for a North American translation of sizes, I basically was an E, but trust me, I could feel it was actually European 34I that was of the same size as my US bought favorite bra in the US size 34D!

The size is not the only thing. Our breasts are relatively firm, but they are also dense. Consequently, our bust is not just larger, but much heavier, than the bust of foreign women. As I said, the European 34I bras had the same volume as my American 34D bras, but the bra construction was far too light for an American woman. In comparison to my bras bought in the US, the European cups felt nearly like they were made of some type of paper! Clearly, the construction of the bra was not designed for a heavy pair of the US Type of Breasts.

Luckily, nearly all bras sold in our country, even the brands made abroad, are to some extent adapted to US market conditions.


Make Sure You Get Fitted

Now, let´s take a brief look at the some of the quality bras that are suitable also for our large and heavy breasts.

Before trying out these bras below, the first thing I want to note is no matter where you go to buy a bra, make sure you get fitted. Size matters, especially when it comes to finding a bra that fits. The last thing you want is a sore back.

Also, remember there is also a proper way of trying bras on. Always cup your breasts and spread them out to the sides of the cups.



Best Bras for Large and Heavy Breasts of US Women

The bras below are not only worth the investment, but ones that will change the way your chest looks in clothes.

After all, we have got the largest breasts of all women. Global studies have shown that we have the largest average breast size of all women. Our breasts are also heavier, rounder and firmer than breasts of non-US women. We really are the Global Stars, when it comes to breasts!  So, let´s make sure we wear quality bras, as they match our assets better than breasts of women in any other country.

As the bustiest women of the world, we deserve to be seen wearing the best bras available!



Enell Maximum Control Wire-Free Sports Bra


Enell is an excellent sports bra for an American woman. It offers maximum impact stability, but is comfortable thanks to the wire-free racerback construction.

This bra is built for high-impact activities such as Tennis. Compression fit holds the breast tissue down and is solid enough also for heavy US Type of Breasts.

Movement control design offers superior support in all directions. Enell maintains the beautiful natural shape of your breasts with help of wire-free seamed, double-layer cups. It is pretty much an ideal bra for active American women for various types of sports activities.

One column, eleven row hook and eye front closure are made robust to adapt the bra to the needs of American women. This bra is optimal for US women. The four non-US members of our bra fitting team experienced Enell as even too stable and compressive. They said, that their breasts felt “flattened”, and even numb, up to an hour after wearing the bra.

In contrast, all the American team members found Enell to be very comfortable. They appreciated the firm supportive compression offered by the bra. The opposite experience is probably explained by the fact that US women have firmer breasts that resist physical compression better than breasts with looser, less dense, consistency.

In conclusion, Enell is an excellent sports bra for an American woman.

Fabrics: nice shimmering moisture-wicking microfiber. 90% Nylon, 10% Lycra Spandex.


Aviana Minimizer Soft Cup Bra 2357


shopping minimizer bra

Aviana 2357 is good choice, when you really need a soft cup minimizing bra.

Most of the time there is no reason to wear a minimizer bra, as we should be proud of our feminine breasts we been blessed with.

With that said, there are a few occasions, when it may be motivated to go for a minimizer.

For example, when you go for a wedding with a bride of non-US origin. You may not want to outdo the bride by showing the whole volume of your US Type of Breasts.

Also, funerals are often sensitive occasions, where you may not want to catch male attention to your female physical appearance, but rather focus on the ceremony and common memories.

In any case, Aviana 2357 is an effective minimizing bra with at least a quarter cup of minimization for a rounded, not too flat, silhouette. It´s one of the few soft cup minimizing bras on the market and available in sizes up to a 44M.

The wider straps are detailed with a soft mesh lace over a plush padding which relieves tension caused by straps by distributing weight evenly.

The inside sling helps achieve lift and separation when there is no underwire, even in the largest cup size.

If you like soft cup bras but not the pointed look they often give, then you will love the rounded and separated shape of the Aviana 2357.

Further details include lovely embroidery on the top part of the cups. Wire free means all day comfort and support without compromising shape and support. Lower neckline allows you to wear v-neck tops while still getting great coverage.

Having been around since 1985, Aviana has succeeded in making a fantastic line of both underwire and soft cup bras. They are one of the leading soft cup bra makers for busty women with band sizes of 23 to 56 and cup sizes D to P.



Underwire Sports Bra Panache


Panache Sports Bra comes with high-impact support and offers a compressive fit ideal for running  and cross-training. Panache is an underwire sports bra designed specifically for larger busts and it has molded, seamed cups that separate and support without compression for an exceptionally comfortable fit, no matter what your sport.

Back J-hook converts straps to racerback. The bra has smoothing leotard back and powernet-lined wings as well as padded straps, underwire and closure for increased comfort.

Wide, supportive band anchors bra comfortably to the body.

Breathable center has a mesh insert and moisture-wicking fabric dries quickly to keep you cool and comfortable.

Pay attention to that this bra is sold in UK sizing, so fitting is necessary. You will need a few cup sizes larger bra than in US sizing.

Fabrics: 48% polyamide, 38% polyester, 14% elastane.


Perfect Curves Natural Lift Bra from WonderBra


WonderBra is ideal for women looking for a comfortable bra, without all the fancy details. It comes with foam cups, a mesh overlay and underwire.

This bra works a bit like a sports bra as it fits like one. So, if you want something comfortable to wear with an oversized shirt, this bra works.

WonderBra does not shape breasts too much, but rather allows the natural breast shape to be visible. This works perfect for all of us who have the US Type of Breasts, as firm, roundish breasts do very well in this bra. The upper part is open and transparent enough to expose the natural volume of our breasts in a nice way.



Marika Curves Underwire Sports Bra Sierra


Also, Marika Curves Sports Bra Sierra has high-impact support and it´s compressive fit makes it ideal for running and cross-training.

Side-sling paneling gives flattering, more forward lift to the full-fit cups of this sports bra.

A zipper garage keeps the convenient zip placket comfortable against the skin, while the mesh racer back wicks away sweat while you work.

Front zip closure with zipper garage protects your skin.

Breathable mesh vents excess heat for cool comfort.

Marika Curves Sports Bra Sierra is made of nylon (85 %) and spandex (15 %).

Sierra is a relatively simple sports bra, but as it has a stabile enough basic construction, reliable seams and tolerable fabrics, it is suitable also for American women.







Fantasie Belle


Fantasie Belle is an underwired full cup bra that comes in cup sizes from GG to JJ.

This bra offers a sexy and feminine look up to JJ cup. It combines luxury with comfort to create a style that can be worn all day and well into the night!

Fantasie Belle is underwired for better structural stability. The stable construction makes it a great choice for most American women.

This excellent bra made by Fantasie is non-padded, and looks great, if you have the US Type of Breasts.

The straps and some of the connecting parts look quite thin, but as the materials used are of high quality and tolerable, we expect this bra to be suitable also for women with the US Type of Breasts.

Fabrics: 36% Polyester 30% Polyamide 29% Viscose 5% Elastane


Goddess Kayla

Kayla from Goddess is a banded underwired bra.

This sexy bra offers generous coverage and support thanks to underwiring, carefully constructed cups and soft, wide straps. You get a feeling Kayla has been designed with American women in mind. It has a solid basic construction and a flattering v-neck cut.

Balconette bra are often a great choice for US women, as we have got in our bra so much more than just a to great cleavage.

The cups of this type of bra are cut in a way that reveals more of the top and inner parts of the breasts. The straps are also set wider so that more of the chest and shoulder area gets more exposed.

Goddess Kayla banded underwired bra offers both great stability and comfort. This non-padded balconette allows you to expose the cleavage in a stylish way. It is of course not fully as stable as full cup bras, but it is robust and definitively one of the best balconettes available for American women.

Fabrics: 54% Polyester, 39% Nylon/Polyamide, 7% Elastane


Carnival Full Figure Glamour Invisible Strapless Hidden Underwire Bra 126


Carnival Full Figure Glamour Invisible Strapless Hidden Underwire Bra 126 is a full figure glamour underwire strapless bra with seamless molded cups that offer invisibility under clothes.

Hidden-grip elastic band helps keep this bra in place.

Carnival allows a great exposure of breasts and is one of the best strapless choices available for busty American women.

This bra gives you more freedom to plan your clothing, and allows you to let your American curves to impress in a stylish way. Highly recommended by all of our test team members!

Fabrics: Tricut: 100% Nylon; Cover: 78% Nylon 22% Spandex; Tecsheen: 85% Nylon 15% Spandex





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