How to Extend the Lifespan of Zippers?

Zippers make many everyday actions faster and more comfortable. Taking of a jacket, or jeans goes much faster thanks to zippers than with buttons. We have zippers everywhere. However, sometimes they get stuck or broken. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to avoid zipper problems.


Zipper is one of the countless American inventions that have changed the world. Early on, zippers were mainly used on boots, clothing and tobacco pouches.

Today, zippers remain very popular and can be found on all sorts of clothing and other products like back bags, tablet folders and so forth. The list of is virtually endless.

Even the best components will wear down if not properly maintained.

Occasional, minimal upkeep will extend the life of your zippers.


Shop Quality Products

An effective way to avoid zipper and other problems is to skip buying cheap import products. In particular, Asian made products have often low-quality parts. Not surprisingly, also their zippers get often easily broken.

As in so many other contexts, also here it is best to make sure you buy US made products, to get products of highest quality.


Never Force a Zipper

The first step to proper zipper care is to not overwork them. For example, overstuffing your bag can put stress on the zipper.

Do not use the zipper to exert force. Do not use the zipper to force your bag closed. rearrange your bag contents or leave out something instead.

Also, in case material gets caught in the zipper, don´t use excessive force.

Instead, back the zipper out of the snag if possible. Use your hands to pull out the problematic material. Then try the zipper again.

Never force the zipper past a snag. You will only make the problem worse.

Reduce the force exerted on your zipper by pulling from the metal pull tab, not from any fabric pullers or loops.

Remember that the gentler you are with your zippers, the longer they will last.


Clean Your Zippers

Getting dirt caught between zipper teeth will cut short a zipper`s lifespan.

Keeping your zippers clean is easy and requires minimal work.

Clean your zippers with water and soap, using a washcloth.

Make sure to remove anything caked on to the teeth or obstructing zipper movement.

Finally, dry the zippers thoroughly.

Clean zippers also always when they have been exposed to sea water, as salt is corrosive. Just rinse zippers with fresh water after exposure to salt water or to sea air. A quick rinse and dry will prevent long-term damage from salty air or water.

Lubricate Your Zippers

Consider lubrication zippers of your more expensive items.

By lubricating the zippers, you will keep them running smoothly.

Start always by cleaning the zipper before you use any lubricant.

There are many alternative lubricants you can use: paraffin wax, powdered graphite, or crayons. You can also use Teflon silicone lubricant or beeswax softened with a hairdryer or heat gun to make it easier to apply.

You can extend the life of even the best zippers with occasional maintenance and responsible use.

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