How Can I Avoid Getting Corona Virus?

By now, Corona virus (Covid-19) has caused a lot of deaths and losses throughout the world. The pandemic started in the overpopulated cities of China and spread further to other Asian countries, Europe, Africa.

Now, the virus has reached also the US, and it is time to ask how each of us can protect herself from the virus.

When there is Corona epidemic ongoing in your area, it is wise to spend much time home. Going out a lot to crowded places or to meet a lot of people is not advisable. Also symtomless persons can carry and spread the virus.

We Are in Good Position but Still at Risk

North American women are generally healthy and have high level hygienic habits. We also have a good nutritional status and health care in comparizon to most people in the world.

Still, corona virus can make some of us seriously ill, so some personal precautionary measures are certainly well motivated during the epidemic.


Key Actions to Protect Yourself and Other People


  • Wash your hands carefully and long enough with soap often, in particular every time you return home or are going to eat or touch your face.



    • Never touch your face without first washing your hands very carefully with soap.


    • Keep strictly a distance of at least 6 feet to any person you meet.


    • Avoid elevators, busses, airplanes or any places where you can´t keep the safety distance to people who are not living in the same household with you.



    • Make sure you keep your immune defense healthy by eating good quality food regularly and sleeping enough. Take regularly the medications you have been ordered for other conditions.


    • Keep all face to face contacts to people outside of your household to a minimum.


    • If you feel that you have fever, muscle pain, pain in lungs or feel unusually tired, stay home and don`t go to work or meet your friends.


    • If you get difficulty to breath, call 911. However, if you just have mild symptoms of respiratory disease, don`t overload the healthcare system by calling them in vain.


    • Activate yourself at home, or when possible in a quiet place outdoors by exercising, reading a book and communicating over social media.




    Stay Calm


    In the U.S., we have relatively good infrastructure and conditions to overcome the challenge Corona represents.

    Thus, you should not panic, but act rationally. We have much higher hygienic level and more physical space available per person in both houses, malls, public places and cars than what is the case in the worst affected urban areas of China, Italy and other countries where Corona is out of control.

    For sure, there will be some unpleasant time due to Corona also in the US, but unnecessary panic doesn´t help anyone at all, and it is better to do the best out of every day in our live.

    Life will continue also after the Corona pandemic!



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