Hottest Smartphones 2017 – Communicate with Style!

Let´s take a look at the hottest and best cell phones on the market, so you know what to ask for when you go for shopping.


For American women, smartphone is much more than only communication device. Many of us have hundreds of apps and the a good camera is a must for both selfies and holiday shots.

The most important factor in buying a new device is making sure you have the best smartphone for your personal needs. Think about how you use your phone most of the time. Maybe you have several devices for party and outdoor exercise? Or you prefer to have the same device with you at every occasion?


The Best Smartphones for Women and Girls.


Google Pixel – and Pixel 2


Google have since last year two smartphones: the Pixel and the larger Pixel XL. Both devices offer the same specs, performance and experience with one important difference: screen size.

The regular Pixel has a 5-inch Full HD display, while the Pixel XL has a little larger 5.5-inch display.

The Android based Pixel phones are solid build and they offer a fast user experience. The cameras are excellent and the battery life is good. In other words, a top-level Android experience.

Both models even have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

In 2017 Google plans to release a second-generation Pixel smartphone. The products are designed for the premium market and are as such suitable for the most communication needs of American women.




Apple iPhone 7


iPhone remains The Phone of Quality Conscious Americans. It´s postion can´t be questioned. You feel the quality and excellent finish as soon as you grab the phone.

The new flagship iPhone offers stereo speakers, along with better hidden antennas and waterproofing.

iPhone 7 offers subtle changes to the previous iPhone 6S, such as a new Home button and glossy alternatively matte black finish options, along with even faster performance.

iPhone stands for quality. Many of us have iPhone, iPad and iWatch, so it is hard to imagine many US girls or women with an iPhone in their purse or pocket would be ready to change to any other brand in these days.

You buy a new iPhone, you log in on your Apple ID, and you know all your everyday apps and social media channels continue to work seamlessly. Considering the solid quality and top features of the brand, I bet Asian smartphones stay at shop shelves, when American women upgrade their cell phones – and choose once again a reliable Apple phone.



FemLife. Apple iPhone 6S for American Women. Smartphone Review 2017.


Apple iPhone 6S


The Apple iPhone 6S  is replaced by iPhone 7, but also 6s is still a great iPhone. It delivers a smooth and fast experience and it has a an excellent 12-megapixel rear camera.

iPhone 6S comes with 3D Touch, a pressure sensitive display that is also found on iPhone 7. The depth to which Apple has empowered this new feature is convincing.

iPhone 6S might not be the flagship iPhone anymore, but the it still offers the premium Apple experience.



FemLife. Motorola Moto XSmartphone Review 2017.

Motorola Moto X Play


Motorola Moto X Play comes with a huge battery and it offers some of the best endurance you can find in an Android phone. Yes, this is the phone to pick if you want it to last not just through the day, but through the night and in the best case the following day too.

It’s a mid-range handset, offering Motorola’s Moto Maker customization, but it isn’t the most powerful or exciting handset around.

You miss out on a fingerprint scanner and the camera isn’t great in low light either, so it is not the best choice for party shots and late night selfies. If the battery life is the issue for you, you should look for this device.




BlackBerry Priv



BlackBerry’s Priv was the Canadian company’s first Android handset and it is a phone worthy of consideration for some of us. The slider handset with its huge 5.4-inch display, offers all the benefits of the latest Android devices, with a physical keyboard.

It’s blessed with BlackBerry Hub and a range of BlackBerry shortcuts and features reinvented for Android. The design is pretty masculine and the phone is clearly designed more for work than free time activities.

It’s not the fastest handset around, and it lacks a fingerprint scanner, but it is an innovative handset that offers some awesome features.

If you write long texts on phone this may be a great second phone. However, the camera is not the best so it does not do well as the only communication device of an American woman.



What about foreign brands?


There are also a lot of Asian made devices on the market. For example, the South Korean phone manufacturers LG and Samsung as well as Chinese Huawei, Taiwanese HTC and Japanese Sony make several models that are pretty popular outside the US. However, the trend vibe in the US is obvious. US women are more quality conscious consumers than ever, and our purchase power is not the limiting factor when it comes to our cell phones.

Not surprisingly, we prefer to go for US branded devices as we know they meet our standards in terms of both functionality, design and quality. So, sorry Asian manufactures, we don´t bother our readers with your bulk products in this review over trendy cells.


Apple Is The Best Choice for Trendy US Women!


In conclusion, for the needs of US women and girls, we continue to recommend iPhone, there is no real challenger for Apple, if you look at how we use our cell phones in the US. We communicate a lot and most of us have tens or hundreds of apps in active use through our Apple account. Apple is also the leader in design and its products have a solid quality and processor performance expected by busy American women.

It is easy to upgrade to a new iPhone model as all the apps will be up and running as soon as we log in with Apple ID.

Today, many of us control also personal sex devices remotely over an iPhone or iWatch. As US women use and own more sex devices than women in any other market, the remote-control software of most premium sex devices is optimized for iPhone. The control Apps of many common personal devices such as Magi Motion, OhMiPod, Lovense, Vibease and Lovehoney run all most reliably on Apple iPhones.

As an American woman, I don´t see any point in taking a risk of changing my reliable iPhone to foreign android or windows phone. Why would I do all the effort to change all the apps, and even risk losing possibility to control my personal toys practically on my iPhone screen?

iPhone is simply the hottest communication device available today.

In other words, it´s a perfect fit with us American women!

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