Enjoy Your Time Onboard

Ever thought sitting onboard is boring and just makes your body tired? With the right tactics and attitude you can turn even long-haul flights to more pleasant experience. There are a few tricks that help you enjoy your time onboard.


We Americans have always been travelling a lot by air. Our country is large, so even domestic flights may take hours. We lead also statistics for international travelling. Whether you look at leisure travel hours or business flights, we spend more time onboard than people in any other country. Despite of our travel experience, not all of us enjoy the long flights, but rather think they are boring. Luckily, there are a few simple ways you can use to make your flight hours a more pleasant experience.


Pack Right and Cut the Number of Items Onboard to A Minimum

It all starts with appropriate packing for your trip. First, you should make sure you take onboard only the most necessary items in a small flight bag. All the things you don´t need during the flight should be placed in the suitcase you check in. You may want to have you iPad or Laptop onboard, but you better place chargers, adapters and power cords in checked in luggage to avoid excessive weight in your carry-on bag. This approach makes it easier for you to get onboard, and helps you to find fast the items you are looking for in your hand luggage. Place condoms in hand luggage, even if you don´t plan for sex in the air. You may need them later a, before you have possibility to unpack your checked in suitcase. For example, you may feel for an act during your stay at the transfer airport, so you should always have condoms in hand luggage.

Have an iPad or Laptop with one or two downloaded movies and comfortable headphones in your carry-on bag unless you are sure there is an onboard entertainment system available onboard the aircraft. Also, make sure you also have your favorite music available on the hard disk of your iPad or laptop.

Use also the side pockets of your carry-on bag for easier access to small items. Make-up and hygienic items for restroom visits should be easily accessible in a separate toiletry you bring onboard in the easily accessible top department of your carry-on bag.

Install fresh alkaline batteries in your sex devices. Think about that you need battery driven device for onboard stimulation, as there is no mains power available. Place your mains driven devices in the suitcase you check in, unless you are prepared to expose them in the security check of the departure airport.

For physical stimulation during the flight, you can place a remote-controlled butterfly vibrator or OhMiBod in your toiletry alternatively a separate makeup bag placed in your cabin bag.

Don´t wear any device while you walk through the airport security or during takeoff or landing. Instead, go to the aircrafts restroom after the safety belt sign has been switched off, and place your device in place.

OhMiBod and other Bluetooth-devices can then be discretely controlled with help of your phone while you are seated.

If you wish, you can enjoy your device until you reach your hotel room, as there are no security checks at arrival airports.

Also, most transfer flights can be accessed without a second security check, so you can enjoy stimulation also while you are waiting at the transfer airport as well as onboard your connection flight.


Empty your pockets

Don´t bring with you items you don´t need onboard. Your way through airport security is much more comfortable, when your pockets are empty and your carry-on luggage is cut to a minimum. Well onboard you may want to carry a credit card, boarding pass and passport in your pockets, but that´s all. The rest of your onboard items can be placed in the carry-on bag, where they are easily accessible, when needed.


Choose Comfortable and in a Stylish Way Revealing Clothes

Wear comfortable clothes on the flight. A cotton sweater or shirt with long-sleeves and your favorite jeans are a good choice. Temperature onboard may vary, and you don´t want to freeze.

Don´t wear too loose-fit clothes, but choose an outfit that allows your body shape to be seen by your fellow passengers. Stylish, sexy clothing does not only make your trip more comfortable, but also more stimulating. As we all know, American women have generally a more female body shape and substantially larger average breast size than women of other countries. You can enjoy this fact by wearing clothes that don´t hide your female body shape.


Entertain Yourself by Making Foreign Males Worship You

There are foreign women and men onboard and at the airports. As an US woman travelling internationally you get a lot positive male attention during your trip. You will also see the poorly hidden jealousy and admiration in the eyes of foreign women. You may choose to enjoy these observations, and make your trip more enjoyable by turning it all to a bit nasty, but a harmless “teasing game” onboard.

First, the key is to understand, that you have no reason to feel guilty of having a more female body than female fellow passengers of non-US origin. Instead, you should enjoy and be proud of your American looks. Learn to enjoy to show off your American female curves onboard. You can always stretch yourself in the aisle, and feel how the foreign passengers are admiring your female body shape.

You can also make it a bit more exciting, by using your creativity. walk along the aisle and drop your toiletry or some other item in the front of a foreign couple.

Then you pick up the item so you can show “accidentally” your chest area or butt just in the front of the couple. Let them study your tight jeans butt or well-filled sweater some 10 to 15 seconds at a very close distance.

Then you raise up again and smile at the man of the couple and return to your seat.

In this way, you can really mark who has got the hotter female body, and create some pretty nice sexual energy in the cabin. Later during the flight, you can just pass the couple and smile to the man.

Trust me, the guy is dreaming of your American curves, and his foreign wife/girlfriend knows that. Most probably your body shape will be in his mind even when they are back home in their bedroom.

Talk about stimulating domination onboard!


You may enjoy your American female looks also at many other occasions while you are traveling. Place yourself in the first row, while you are waiting by the luggage band at the arrival airport, and your American looks will take over the minds of the foreign men behind you. All this while their wives get painfully aware of who rules when it comes to sexiness!

As American women, it is fully legitimate for us to enjoy the positive attention we get thanks to your female body shape.

However, even if you enjoy to tease the guys and show off your beauty, you should not go too far, while you are onboard.

It is not a good idea to get verbal in your teasing. If you are not careful, your comments may easily be interpreted as openly abusive, so you can get in unpleasant conflicts that disturb your flight experience.

In rare situations, also our bare visual teasing may make foreign wives lose their self-control, but that´s only their problem as long as you have not approached them, or their spouse, verbally. You can just smile, when you see how their jealousy makes them behave ridiculously!


Escape from the Noise

For long flights, noise-canceling headphones are the best thing since bluetooth vibs. Once you are allowed to operate electronic devices, switch on your headset and enjoy a ride without the disturbances of the plane engines and all other noise that comes with too many people in a confined area.

If you don´t have noise-canceling headphones and don´t want to invest in them, then bring earplugs.



Time your Restroom Visits Right

The aisle of an aircraft is not wide. There are times, when you can´t leave your seat to go to restroom or move around onboard. You must sit during take-off, in-flight turbulence and just before landing. Also, when food is served or onboard shopping trolley is out, you better not to try to leave your seat. To avoid inconvenient situations, you should therefore go to the restroom at the optimal time points:

  • At the airport before going onboard.
  • Immediately after the seat belt sign has been switched off after the takeoff.
  • Right after the flight attendants have collected away the coffee cups from the passengers.
  • About 25 minutes before landing, when there are no trolleys out in the aisle.


Keep Moving During the Flight

During long haul flights, it is extremely important to walk now and then along the aisle, otherwise the blood circulation of your legs does not work normally. You can also tense your leg and butt muscles to stimulate blood circulation while you are seated.


Drink Enough Water

Cabin air is dry, so you need to drink enough water to feel good. Avoid coffee as it is a diuretic and causes easily dehydration during long flights.

Alcohol is not healthy for you body and brains, and makes your skin look older, so avoid alcoholic drinks.


Skip Stressing In and Out Aircrafts

Too many people stress in and out of the aircrafts. There is virtually no time you can save by stressing onboard. Don´t allow yourself to become stressed by other people who seem to be in hurry in or out the aircraft.

Walk confidently onboard and out of the the aircraft, when it is your turn.

You have no reason to hurry, in or out your seat or the aircraft. Not only flight assistants, but also male passengers are always more than happy to help an American woman to get seated comfortably and find a place for her carry-on bag.

As American women we are the best looking passengers, so don´t be shy to take your time and move with pride, when you get onboard or off the plane.

Traveling is meant to be pleasant, so remember to enjoy your trip – and the unmatched benefits you have as an American female!

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