Beach Trends Summer 2020

Beaches Are Calling Us Again!

Let´s Enjoy Beach Life Home and Abroad


The major beach fashion trends of this summer are colorful towels, hot high-waisted swimsuits and bold patriotism. As American women we are used to get positive attention for our female physical appearance. The Summer 2020 is no exception. Once again, US women rule the beaches at resorts all over the world. The revealing beach fashion of the two previous Summers was in our favor. Luckily, the top fashion the body close trend continues, and allows us make our female appearance even more visible than previously!

In 2020, it is IN to allow your body to be seen and admired! Stars & Stripes are definitively a leading top fashion trend IN. Other swimwear trends of this Summer are laser-cut, lace-up, long sleeves and string bikini bottoms.


2020 Beach Fashion is bold and reveals the body shape – thus, it`s in favor of feminine American women.


This summer, it is maybe even more obvious than ever that US women are the Hottest Queen Bees of the Beaches. The fashion of the season allows us really boast with our feminine body curves and large breasts. Too covering swimsuits are hopelessly OUT.


2020 Beach Trends Are To Our Advantage

The trending high-waisted swimsuits, lace-up swimwear and string bikini bottoms allow our feminine body shape to be well visible. The fashionable revealing swimsuits, colorful bikinis and are a great match with the pronounced female body shape of American women.

Frankly, we look freaking hot wearing these, thanks to our feminine pelvic area and butt. One can only imagine the infinite amount of admiration our body curves will get at the beaches all over the world this summer, too!

Colorful towels are also in, and they make sure the Beach is a colorful and visually sunny place independent of weather.


Enjoy The Power Of US And Show Your Colors

Showing colors in definitively IN now.  This summer, we don´t hide our Stars and Stripes – we show our colors and American female appearance with pride!

Unless you are a shy grey mouse, you can show patriotism with pride this summer. The flag as such is maybe not the major trend of the summer, but blue, red and white in creative and bold combinations definitive are very much IN on the top of the wave.

Whatever opinion you may have about President Trump, he and our Government has really reminded the world, that the US is the most powerful country of the globe by all measures. We have the strongest military and financial power. We are the leading nation and we collect the top awards in global competitions, whether it is about sports, technological innovations, movies, music or female beauty. We are strong, innovative, brave, independent, wealthy and the hottest of all women!

This year, we are allowed to be proud of our American female appearance, and we show our loyalty to our awesome Country with no shame of our internationally unmatched Sexiness.  We know from many studies and surveys that foreign men and women are admiring and looking up to the hot female appearance and vitality of US women.

In brief, we certainly have all reasons to be proud of both our Feminine Appearance and Country.

Of course, you may hear some jealous whining of a few foreign women at the beach, but most people are quite openly admiring American women, so let´s enjoy the admiration, when we enter the Beaches of the World!


Solid & Striped



Solid & Striped’s ‘The Ballerina’ swimsuit has a wrap-effect front that is accentuated by crimson, navy and white panels – a color combination the label calls ‘Firecracker’.

Wear it to the beach, adding denim shorts to grab lunch.

A very Hot Trend Swimsuit perfectly cut for an American woman.



Salty Season Stars & Stripes  Bikini



Salty Season Stars & Stripes Bikini shows the natural breast shape and it looks great on American women, despite of its wireless construction, as our breasts are roundish in shape and we have relatively firm breast consistency.

This High Waist Polyester Bikini made for American women is shipped from Arizona.


Southern Sisters American String Bikini




Southern Sisters US Flag Bikini Top and Bottom is a best seller as it looks great on feminine American women. This is great and very affordable basic bikini set every American girl and woman should have in her suitcase for any trip abroad after the Corona pandemic is over.

This sets lets our American feminine curves be admired on the foreign beaches. Positive male attention and admiring jealousy of local women are guaranteed!

Vivisence 3207 Bikini Top With Matching Bottoms

A beautiful, elastic swimwear top with side seam boning. Made of plain knitted fabric covered with mesh. The product comes with comfortable back clasp closure.

Adjustable, not separable shoulder straps.

Although Vivisense 3207 is an European brand, it feels suitable also for busty women. When you wear it, you get a impression that the version imported to the US has been properly adapted to larger and heavier breasts of North American women.

It has quite a stabile underwire, durable knit seams, and it is made of top quality, striped, fade-resistant knitted fabric. The upper part of the cup is more spacious than what is typical for foreign sold tops, to fit the more roudish breast shape of US women.

Complete your look with matching bottoms available separately.

Composition: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane.


Kandy Kouture One Piece Swimsuit

This sexy, patriotic one piece swimsuit allows us to show our female curves and stylish spirit for summer!

Features include, a plunging halter neckline, no padding, open back, high waist, and followed by a fitted wear.

This swimsuit is made for American women. This quality swimsuit reflects the vitality and braveness of our nation.


Smismivo One Piece Swimsuit

This halter one piece swimsuit by Smismivo is fabulous to show your curve and make you chick and flirty on the beach. It comes with  an adjustable halter neck and the quality is excellent.

The hottest pattern of the Summer is Star & Stripes. is fabulous to show your curve and makes you look slimmer too, which can boost your confidence on the beach and make you more alluring, chic an flirty.

Shell:82% Nylon 18% Spandex,Lining:95% Polyester,5% Spandex.


GH Beach Towel



Quality beach towels to help you live your best summer life. A great choice is the American flag beach towel by GH. It´s made of 100% Cotton and comes in the size 30″x60″.

Striped Beach Towel Bold stripes are an eternal summer classic and when it’s reversible, it’s an instant two-for-one.


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