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FemLife is the #1 online mag for young US women with an active lifestyle. Our mission is to offer valuable information and news to young US women without wasting our readers time on topics of less interest for them. This ambition is reflected in everything we do.

US women are undoubtedly the Leading Females of the world. Fashion Trendsetters. Winners. Sports Champions. Business Leaders. Beauty Queens. You name it!

Today, women of all nationalities look up to American women. We at the FemLife are proud of making the Mag for young US women; our readers are global role models in virtually all areas of life. They are admired all over the world, for very valid and obvious reasons.

It is a honor for us to keep  US women updated about latest news, trends, novelties and science in a direct way – without hiding any facts just in the name of political correctness. We are in a continuous dialogue with our readers to make sure that we cover the topics of most interest and catch the latest trends. That´s why we also encourage you to contact us whenever as you want to share with us an idea or give feedback.

As a US woman you are our High Priority Customer and we listen carefully to you. You are given priority at our contact desk and your views are highly valued by our team. Literally, any messages from US women are always given the Top Priority by our customer service team. Even in the peak-load periods the messages sent by American women pass the queue on the Priority Line to guarantee you the First Class Service experience.

You see we want to do our best for you. Please share your thoughts, ideas, and feelings with us. Maybe you have a topic you want us to cover more? We appreciate your feedback and views more than anything.

And don’t forget to tell us what you think of the Magazine!

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