Femlife Advisor offers professional personal advice to American girls and women in multiple areas of expertice.

As a subscriber of Femlife Advisor, you are never on your own, but can ask for an expert view on the various challenges you face in your daily life.

Our in-house consult and expert network has a wide professional experience and advanced educational background.

Here are a few examples of tasks and questions Femlife Advisor can help you with:

  • Feedback and improvement proposals for your CV
  • Advice for choosing an education/profession
  • Non-urgent advice for health problems of your dog or other pet
  • Advice and feedback on school home work or college reports/home work
  • Advice on what to consider, when you travel abroad
  • Advice on how to solve challenging situations with your friends and/or family members or work mates in a constructive way.

These are just examples. We do always our best to help you out whatever question you have in your mind.

Obviously, we can are not able to answer all your questions, but in the vast majority of cases we can contribute by giving you valuable new information and answers.


Advisor by Femlife USA is a paid online service you get access to for an annual subscription fee of 2 999 USD a year. Up to 12 questions or a maximum of 20 hours expert time is included in the annual fee.

Some companies offer our Advisor Service to their premium customers and key employees as a free of charge benefit. In these cases you should follow the instructions given by the company offering the service to you.

For a new subscription paid by you, you should send us your name and address information by email here.

Best regards

Femlife USA Advisor